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  • Trying to Save Your Life With <span>Naltrexone Implants </span>

    Trying to Save Your Life With Naltrexone Implants

    New Freedom Clinics, LLC, is an organization devoted to placing naltrexone implants as a way to save the lives of people with opioid abuse disorder.

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New Freedom Clinic's mission:

Right now in our country, more people die each year from drug overdoses than at any other time in our history. More people than are killed in car accidents and gun violence. Those who are addicted themselves or love someone who struggles with addiction know the hopelessness associated with opiate addiction.

In recent years Dr. Joseph Ferguson has watched as more and more of his patients fall victim to opioid dependency. Desperate to help, he discovered the naltrexone implant, which is well-known in Europe, but mostly unknown in many parts of The United States. Once he started doing the procedure himself he was astonished by the results. Patients who have had the procedure report anywhere from a significant decrease in cravings all the way to a complete end to cravings. Dr. Ferguson has been thrilled to see the impact of the implant.

Naltrexone implant therapy is not a magic bullet to cure opiate addiction, but it may be the closest to a silver bullet that we will ever get.

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Naltrexone Implants Can Save Lives

  • The Naltrexone implant doesn’t just make it impossible for me to get high on opioids. It has made it impossible for me to want opioids. I feel like my brain has been fixed. I have my life back.